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Go wild with the Wilderness license plate

Hit the road and protect wilderness at the same time

By selecting the “Wilderness” plate next time you visit your licensing bureau, you’re not only displaying your pride in our special wild places, but you’re helping to protect Montana’s wilderness and traditional recreational opportunities for everyone.

For more information, call 406-443-7350 or drop by your county licensing bureau. Keep it wild with the “Wilderness” plate from Montana Wilderness Association today.

Vehicle Donations

If you have a vehicle you no longer use, it’s easy to donate it to Montana Wilderness Association. Whether it runs or not, MWA’s partner CARS will arrange to pick up your vehicle free of charge, and then sell it to get the greatest value. Proceeds will support our work for wildlands, and you’ll get a receipt for your taxes. It’s a super simple way to donate to MWA while avoiding the cost and hassle of selling your car, truck, boat, or RV.

Avoid a low trade-in offer or the hassle of selling your used car – and support Montana’s wild places with your tax-deductible vehicle donation

Our 2006 Prius had 263,000 miles on it. When we couldn’t count on it anymore, we were shopping around for a replacement vehicle. The dealer offered to give us $100 for it. Instead, we called CARS and let them know we’d like to donate it to Montana Wilderness Association. Just a week later, the tow truck picked it up from our house for free. CARS sold it at auction for $775, and after auction fees and towing, sent MWA a check for $513. We got the car out of our driveway, got a tax break, and supported Montana’s wildlands. A win all around.
            – Debbie in Massachusetts 


How do I donate my vehicle?

  1. Visit our page on and complete the online form OR call 855-500-RIDE.
  2. Schedule the free pick-up of your vehicle.
  3. Ask the tow driver for a receipt that includes your name, make, model, and condition of the donated vehicle for your records

What type of vehicle can I donate?

Most types  including cars, motorcycles, RVs, or boats. The vehicle does not need to be operating, but it does need to be in one piece, be towable, and have an engine. 

Will MWA get all of the proceeds?

Once minimal expenses are deducted from the sales price by our sales partner, CARS, MWA will receive the remainder of the proceeds. 

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Generally, yes. But individual tax situations are variable so we recommend that you consult your tax advisor. After your car sells, you will receive a receipt from our office which will include the amount MWA received from the sale of your car, and the date it sold. You can also request a receipt from CARS by calling 855-500-RIDE.

Do I have to live in Montana?

Nope! You can live anywhere in the contiguous 48 states to take part in this program.

Where can I learn more about how car donations work?

Please visit the website of our partner, CARS, to learn more. You can also find detailed information and answers to other FAQs on their website. 

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