Western Montana Adventures

Photo by Steven Gnam

Friday, January 10th

Snowshoe up a Forest Road

Location: Missoula
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Steve Seninger and Daphne Herling

A pleasant snowshoe walk through the forest, gradual uphill, then brief steep to get views of Lolo Peak and Bitterroots

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Saturday, January 11th

Ski for All!

Location: Seely Lake
Miles/Difficulty: Varies/All difficulties
Leaders: Lee Boman and Jim McLean

Beginners are welcome! Skaters are welcome! Families are welcome! The Seeley Creek Nordic Trail System includes a 3K loop, a 5K loop, a 7K look, and a 10K loop. All loops begin and end next to the warming yurt next to the parking lot. We will be pleased to assist beginners or help skaters find the perfect route. We'll guide you if you wish, or point you towards some of the best Nordic skiing in Montana. The Seeley Creek Nordic Trails were enhanced in 1990 with direction from Olympian Jon Elliott. The trails are expertly groomed regularly and offer outstanding opportunities for beginning skiers as well as the most demanding racers. Seeley Lake's annual Pond Hockey event takes place on the same weekend as our ski adventure. Plan to watch some pond hockey after your ski, it's a blast. Pond Hockey and Nordic skiing, the perfect Montana weekend!

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Friday, January 17th

Family-Friendly Crazy Canyon Snowshoe

Location: Missoula
Miles/Difficulty: 2 miles/Easy
Leaders: Sadie Russell and Stephanie Lubrecht

Enjoy a family-friend paced snowshoe or hike (your choice!) in one of Missoula’s fabulous backyards.

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Saturday, January 25th

Lolo Pass/Lewis and Clark Adventure (Cross-country ski)

Location: Lolo
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/Easy
Leaders: Bert Lindler and Kristi DuBois

We will be skiing on a combination of cross-country ski trails, snowmobile trails, and off-trail routes to reach Lewis and Clark's Glade Creek Campsite (September 13, 1805), the most pristine of all campsites along the Lewis and Clark Trail. We'll continue our ski off-trail along Glade Creek, returning to the marked ski trail and the visitor center at Lolo Pass, where coffee and cocoa will await us.

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Saturday, February 1st

Lake Como Cross-country Ski

Location: Hamilton
Miles/Difficulty: 4-5 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Rachel Garwin and Erin Clark

Last winter grooming returned to the trails south of Lake Como. Together we'll enjoy this trail system that has been re-opened for use by x-country skiers, snowshoers, fat bikers, and dog sleds. This will be an out and back trip with occasional views across the Bitterroot Valley (no lake views). There is some elevation gain at the start of the system, so skiers should be comfortable with hills, as we will have a half-mile downhill glide to enjoy to return to the parking area.

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Saturday, February 23nd (previously February 22nd)

Lolo Pass Skate Ski Workshop

Location: Lolo
Miles/Difficulty: 4-8 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Amy Katz and Erin Clark

This will be an informal clinic focused on learning beginner skate skiing skills. Participants will be responsible for renting/borrowing gear prior to the event.

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Sunday, March 8th

Moonlight Boreal Owl Cross-country Ski

Location: Lolo Pass
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Bert Lindler and Kristi DuBois

We will be skiing the groomed cross-country ski trails at Lolo Pass by the light of the full moon, stopping occasionally in hopes of hearing the call of a boreal owl. Skiers should bring a headlamp with a red light mode or have a red filter for their headlamp (bring extra batteries). Assuming that clouds aren't an issue, skiers with nothing but a white headlamp will be sentenced to the back of the pack where their light won't interfere with others' night vision. Bring water or a warm beverage and a snack you can enjoy on the trail. We will return to the Walmart parking lot by 11 p.m.

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