Eastern Montana Adventures

Photo by Steven Gnam

Monday, January 20th

Predator Awareness Adventure (Snowshoe)

Location: Red Lodge
Miles/Difficulty: 2.5 Miles/Easy
Leaders: Sarah Nodskov and Courtney Long

Join representatives from the Beartooth Ranger District and the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary to learn about predator awareness while enjoying a low-key snowshoe along the Silver Run trail. We'll talk about bear awareness, as well as mountain lion awareness (unlike bears, mountain lions remain active throughout the winter). This hike is a great option for families to get outside on the holiday weekend, although we do ask that younger participants be enthusiastic about a 2-3 mile snowshoe for about 2 hours. MWA and the Beartooth Ranger District do have snowshoes available to borrow if necessary, including child sizes, please let us know ahead of time if you need to borrow a pair.

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Saturday, January  25th

Cross Country Ski 101 (CANCELED)

Location: Red Lodge
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Moderate
Leader: Grant Barnard

Interested in learning how to cross country ski? Want to brush up on some basics? Join Grant Barnard for a Cross Country Ski 101. We'll meet at the gate of the Timbercrest Girl Scout Camp outside of Red Lodge to get acquainted, and then head out along West Fork Road. Expect 2-3 hours of fun, and we'll go as far down the road as the group wants. Be sure your day pack includes food, water, sunscreen, and extra clothes. Please dress for the weather and activity. Participants must provide their own skis. Please come a bit earlier if you need help or instruction getting into your skis.


Saturday, February 8th

Sykes Arch (Hike)

Location: Lovel, WY
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Roger Otstot and Aubrey Bertram

Looking for a primitive, off-trail hike in one of Montana's most unique landscapes? Look no further than Sykes Arch in the Pryor Mountains south of Billings. This hike, on the southeast side of the range, actually starts in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and then crosses into BLM land. The hike is entirely within areas managed for their wilderness characteristics and Wilderness Study Areas. We'll follow horse trails from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd through the canyons, concluding with a view of the spectacular limestone Sykes Arch. This hike is entirely off-trail and requires traversing a variety of uneven surfaces. Please be prepared physically, and with plenty of food, water (there is no water along the trail or at the trailhead), and layers for changing winter weather.

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Saturday, March 14th

Pompey's Pillar Winter Walk (Hike)

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 2-3 miles/Easy
Leaders: Roger Otstot and Aubrey Bertram

Pompeys Pillar National Monument is known as the site of the only visible evidence of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Clark’s signature on a sandstone formation. It also has an area of critical environmental concern (ACEC) that most visitors don’t see. BLM staff familiar with the ACEC, as well as the Pillar’s history will accompany us. The staff person will discuss efforts to improve wildlife habitat as well as wildlife viewing and other recreational opportunities. We will see panoramic views of the Yellowstone Valley and hopefully a variety of local wildlife. Pompeys Pillar is a testament to the importance collaboration efforts between public land agencies such as the BLM and other organizations such as the Montanan Wilderness Association.

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Saturday, March 28th

Pryor Mountains Adventure (Hike)

Location: Lovell, WY or Bridger, WY
Miles/Difficulty: 4-6 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Rita Harding and Carole Boerner

Join us for one of the most spectacular hikes in the Pryors Mountains. A short steep hike (4.4 miles round trip, elevation gain 1,300 ft.) provides superb views of Bighorn Canyon and the Bighorn Mountains framed by the precipitous limestone walls of Layout Creek Canyon. The endpoint is Layout Creek Springs – a truly unusual and special place in the arid Pryors. Layout Creek emerges from the base of the limestone cliff on the opposite canyon wall and tumbles in multiple streams and waterfalls over a steep rounded dome to the canyon bottom.

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