Central Montana Adventures

Photo by Steven Gnam

Wednesday, January 22nd

Flesher Pass and Sculpture Garden (Snowshoe)

Location: Lincoln
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderate
Leader: Katie Kotynski and June Sprout

Let's snowshoe the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) along the crest of a mountain pass with views of the Blackfoot Valley and both sides of the Rocky Mountains. After, we will proceed into Lincoln and eat our lunch at the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture Garden while walking around enjoying the outdoor art nestled among the snow.

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Saturday, February 15th (formerly February 1st)

Trout Creek Canyon (Snowshoe)

Location: Helena
Miles/Difficulty: 3-5 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Jerry McCarthy and Jim Schulz

Hike/snowshoe through a beautiful limestone canyon filled with wildlife and history.

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Wednesday, February 19th

Wagner Basin and Pictographs (Snowshoe)

Location: Augusta
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Katie Kotynski and Sara Buley

Come along on a fun hike into the Sun Canyon, first along the river to some pictographs and then into Wagner Basin where we will likely see bighorn sheep and deer amid sweeping views of Sawtooth Mountain and Castle Reef. We will also visit the Skull Tree, on which hang many painted animal skulls.

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