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Photo by Steven Gnam

Join an Adventure!

Our Winter Adventures give you the chance to explore a new corner of Montana with our volunteer Walk leaders

When you join us for a Winter Adventure, you're bound to discover something new – views to the horizon, new ways to utilize GPS, animal tracks, boreal owls, and friends who love the outdoors just as much as you do.

We look forward to seeing you out in the snow!

Find an Adventure in your region

How to sign up

Montana Wilderness Association will be using an online registration system for our Winter Adventures this season. 

To register for an Adventure, click on the region that you want to visit (above), pick your adventure, and sign up using our new online platform, Classy.

If you would like more information, please read these detailed instructions:

  1. Click on the region (above) to find your desired adventure. Once you find it, click “Register for this Adventure" and you will be taken to the appropriate Classy page to complete the registration. 

  2. Click "Register" to sign up for the adventure.
    • Select the number of spots that you want the reserve for this adventure. The maximum is 4 to allow others to join.
      • If the adventure is full, the only ticket option to sign up for will be for the Waitlist. Please join this ticket type if you wish to be on the Waitlist for an adventure. You'll still have an opportunity to join the adventure if others in front of you have to cancel their reservation. 
    • Click "Reserve" at the bottom right. 
    • Fill in the information for all participants that you're signing up. This includes reading the waiver and acknowledging that you've read it; this is mandatory for all participants. 
      • Once the info is filled in, click "Next" in the bottom right.
    • Winter Adventures wouldn't be possible without support from our members. Please consider making a donation to MWA to help continue getting people out into our public lands.
      • If you can't make a donation at this time, simply click "Skip" in the bottom right. 
    • Confirm your contact information and click "Purchase" in the bottom right. 
    • You're now all set for your adventure!
  3. You are allowed to sign up family and friends, but everyone is required to sign the waiver during the sign-up process through Classy. 
  4. An email confirmation will automatically be sent to you after signing up for the adventure. Please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox,  and check for emails from Classy. If you have any questions about the hike or you need to cancel, please contact the Adventure leader as soon as possible so they can give your spot to someone else. 
  5. You'll receive a welcome email from your Winter Adventure leader at least two weeks before the adventure, with another follow-up email shortly before you head out. If you haven't heard from your leader the week before the adventure, please notify Mike Rooney at his contact info on the bottom of this page.
  6. Before attending the Adventure, it is required that all participants sign the waiver through Classy while signing up. Your Adventure leader will also be providing extra paper copies at the trailhead. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Mike Rooney at mrooney@wildmontana.org or 406-443-7350 ext. 103. 


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