Southwest Montana Walks

Photo by Jim Chapman

Explore Humbug Spires, hike up to Upper Seymour Lake, or head to the Tenmile Lakes

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Saturday, May 16th (Early Season)

Humbug Spires

Location: Divide
Miles/Difficulty: 8 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Jack and Brenda Kirkley

This low-elevation springtime hike is a good warm-up for our hiking legs. We'll follow a well-maintained trail that varies in steepness, with a few short huff-and-puff sections interspersed with mostly mellow stretches.

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Sunday, June 21st (Early Season)

Continental Divide Trail Highlands

Location: Butte
Miles/Difficulty: 7 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Charlie and Kristi O'Leary

Join us on a leisurely hike in the shadow of the Highland Mountains. We'll start at the Burton Park Trailhead and meander through meadows, lodgepole pine forest, and the rock formations of the Boulder Batholith.

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Saturday, June 27th (Early Season)

Coolidge Ghost Town to Elkhorn Lake

Location: Wise River
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Callie Boyle and Matt Moore

Hike deep into the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest through lichen-covered boulders and stands of pine, spruce, and fir, to the eerily beautiful Coolidge Ghost Town. From there, we'll continue along picturesque Elkhorn Creek to Elkhorn Lake.

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Saturday, June 27th (Early Season)

Lima Peaks Loop

Location: Lima
Miles/Difficulty: 7 miles/Strenuous
Leader: Sherry Vogel and Joe Griffin

On this trail, we'll enjoy vistas of the rugged Lima, Red Conglomerate, and Italian Peaks and travels through sagebrush meadows and forest. A good portion of this hike will be on the Continental Divide Trail.

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Saturday, July 11th (Early Season)

Gorge Lakes

Location: Dillon
Miles/Difficulty: 8 miles/Strenuous
Leader: O. Alan Weltzien and Neal Straus

A gentle grade through lodgepole forest will lead us to a pair of lakes at the East Pioneers crest, just north of and below 11,154' Tweedy Mountain, the tallest peak in Beaverhead County.

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Wednesday, July 15th (Early Season)

Upper Seymour Lake on the CDT

Location: Anaconda
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Strenuous
Leader: Lauren Murray and Emma Rooney

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition will lead this trek on the CDT. We'll hike through lodgepole pine forest, entering the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness and proceeding to Upper Seymour Lake, where we'll be greeted by beautiful mountain views.

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Friday, July 17th (Late Season)

Tenmile Lakes

Location: Anaconda
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Strenuous
Leader: Fran Galvin and Bill Clark

This hike will bring us to alpine lakes with great views of the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. Access to the trailhead is on rough Forest Service roads, and high clearance vehicles are needed.

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Saturday, July 18th (Late Season)

Haystack Mountain

Location: Butte
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Kriss and Rick Douglass

We'll follow this narrow footpath through a forest to wonderful views. This hike is mostly north facing and shaded, and it crosses a few narrow streams along the way.

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Thursday, August 13th (Early Season)

Honeymoon Park in the Snowcrests

Location: Dillon
Miles/Difficulty: 13 miles/Extremely Strenuous
Leader: Fran Galvin and Bill Clark

Camp out the night before the walk or meet in the morning at the trailhead. From there, we'll follow Blacktail Deer Creek through a beautifully lush drainage in the Snowcrest Recommended Wilderness.

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