Eastern Montana Walks

Photo by Jim Chapman

Explore The Badlands, The Pryors, and check out the Medicine Rocks

Please note: All 2020 hikes are canceled due to Covid-19 precautions


Saturday, May 16 (Early Season)

LGBTQ+ Outing with Forward Montana Foundation - CANCELED

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 2.5 Miles/Easy
Leaders: Michael Nelson and Aubrey Bertram

Join the Forward Montana Foundation to celebrate LGBTQ+ diversity in the outdoors. This hike in Phipps Park is a chance for our LGBTQ+ friends, allies, and family to enjoy each other's company and explore one of Billings' most iconic natural parks.

Sunday, May  17 (Early Season)

Pryor Mountains Adventure - CANCELED

Location: Bridger, MT or Lovell, WY
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderate
Leader: Rita Harding and Sandra Abraham

Join us for a spectacular hike in the Pryor Mountains. The Pryors are geologically, ecologically, meteorologically, and culturally unique, and there are numerous rugged canyons, hidden hideaways, and fantastic views to explore and enjoy.


Saturday, May 23rd (Early Season)

Four Dances - CANCELED

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Sondra Arnold and Megan Poulette

Explore the scenery and plant life of Four Dances Special Recreation Management Area. A Rocky Mountain College botanist will teach us about local plant species and we'll enjoy the views from high above Billings.


Saturday, May 30th (Early Season)

Palisades Trail Geology - CANCELED

Location: Red Lodge
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Carole Boerner and Dr. Emily Ward

Join geology professor Emily Ward for spectacular views of the geology of the Beartooth Front and distant views of the Pryor Mountains. Passing through the Palisades, we'll have an up-close view of rocks that represent ancient landscapes.


Saturday, June 20th (Early Season; previously Friday, June 19th)

Makoshika State Park - CANCELED

Location: Glendive
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Maribeth Ault and Aubrey Bertram

Visit Montana’s largest state park, which protects over 11,000 acres of badlands topography. The park is known for its scenic, recreational, and scientific values, in particular the dinosaur-fossil-rich Hell Creek Formation.


Sunday, June 21st (Early Season)

Terry Badlands and Natural Bridges - CANCELED

Location: Terry
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Karen Stevenson and Mike Stevenson

Come along on a great hike to naturally eroded sandstone bridges. Along the way, we'll explore the ridgetop and enjoy expansive views of rugged draws and unusual rock formations.


Saturday, June 27th (Early Season)

Nature and History at the Little Bighorn Battlefield - CANCELED

Location: Crow Agency
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/Easy
Leaders: Tim Lehman and Kayhan Ostovar

We'll walk three sections of the Little Bighorn battlefield and discuss its history, paying special attention to animal and plant life along the river. In the afternoon, there's an opportunity to attend a reenactment of the area's namesake battle.


Saturday, July 11th (Early Season)

Cameron Park Work Day - CANCELED

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 1.5 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Paul Reinhardt and Aubrey Bertram

Accompany us into well-hidden Cameron Park for a birdwatching adventure. The park is a hidden treasure, and a neighborhood road above allows birdwatchers with limited mobility to look down onto the trees, seemingly without notice from the birds.


Monday, July 27th (Late Season)

Swords/Rimrock Park Work Day - CANCELED

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 1.5 miles/Easy
Leaders: Paul Reinhardt and Aubrey Bertram

Spend a day helping maintain Swords and Rimrock Parks. Swords is one of Billings' most iconic and popular parks, and the Rimrocks offer unparalleled views of the Yellowstone Valley, the Pryor Mountains, and the Beartooth Mountains.


Saturday, September 5th (Late Season)

Pictograph Cave Trail Tour - CANCELED

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 1 mile/Easy
Leaders: Richard Tooke and Kaitlin Hugs

On this moderate stroll, Pictograph State Park rangers will provide insight into the cultural history, geology, archaeology and environment of Billing's backyard state park.


Saturday, September 12th (Late Season)

Yellowstone River Clean-Up - CANCELED

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/Easy
Leaders: Kayhan Ostovar and Aubrey Bertram

Take part in the annual Yellowstone River Clean-Up. The day will bring together faculty, staff, and students from the environmental programs at Rocky Mountain College and local public and private sector groups to clean up a stretch of the river.


Saturday, September 26th (Late Season)

Chalk Buttes - CANCELED

Location: Ekalaka
Miles/Difficulty: 7 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Roger Otstot and Aubrey Bertram

Join a staff person from the Custer Gallatin National Forest's Sioux Ranger District for a guided adventure along broad ridgelines that lead to the top of several buttes and occasional rocky outcroppings. The views of the surrounding prairie are spectacular.


Sunday, September 27th (Late Season; previously Friday, September 25th)

Medicine Rocks State Park - CANCELED

Location: Ekalaka
Miles/Difficulty: 2.5 miles/Easy
Leaders: Maribeth Ault and Aubrey Bertram

With over 160 formations and 10,000 inscriptions dating back to pre-contact Native Americans, Medicine Rocks State Parks allows visitors to enjoy unique Great Plains geology and reflect on the history of the original inhabitants of this special place.