North Central Montana Walks

Photo by Jim Chapman

Hike open country, descend into coulees, or find a lost peak

Please pay attention to Early and Late Seasons and their sign-up dates

North Central Montana


Saturday, May 11 (Early Season)


Location: Big Sandy
Miles/Difficulty: 7 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Tim Faber 

The Bullwhacker is a primitive area of The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument named for the "bullwhackers" - ox-pulled wagon drivers - who led freight over the Cow Island Trail during the steamboat era.

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Sunday, May 12 (Early Season)

Collar Peak (Canceled)

Location: Lewistown
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Laurie Lohrer and Sandy Birkland

Please Note: This hike has been canceled due to adverse conditions on the trail. 

This well-maintained trail leads us into a backcountry area with a mix of terrain, plenty of solitude, and gorgeous views.



Thursday, May 23 (Early Season)

Paine Gulch Evening Trek (Hike Full)

Location: Paine Gulch
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Katie Kotynski and Camille Consolvo

Come along for an after-work hike into the Little Belt Mountains. We'll follow a creek up a pretty gulch, ending in an open meadow that should have many spring wildflowers.

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Sunday, June 2 (Early Season)

Windy Peak Loop Wildflower Viewing (Hike Full)

Location: Belt
Miles/Difficulty: 8 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Roger Peffer and Lada Butina

June is an excellent time to explore this area, as there should be an assortment of wildflowers. We'll start in a Douglas fir forest and climb to a ridgeline with mixed fir/aspen and flower-filled meadows.

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Friday, June 7 (Early Season)

A Stroll at Stafford (Canceled)

Location: Stafford Ferry
Miles/Difficulty: 3+ miles/Moderate
Leaders: Taylor Mudford and Lacey Gunther

Join the Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument staff on a walk through parts of the Woodhawk Wilderness Study Area, a rugged and remote stretch of the stunning Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Meet at Stafford Ferry (also in the Breaks). Stafford Ferry is easier to get to and it is free to ride it so that people can approach the hike either from the north or south. 



Sunday, June 9 (Early Season)

Sweet Grass Hills (Hike Full)

Location: Shelby
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Lailani Upham and Joe Wagner

Hike the Sweet Grass Hills, the traditional territory of the Blackfoot (Amskapi Pikunni) people. You will view volcanic mounds poking out of the grasslands that were once used and still are used as traditional fasting sites of the Amskapi Pikunni. Learn about the geography and the cultural heritage of this area and hear traditional Pikunni stories while on this hike.

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Saturday, June 15 (Early Season)

North Fork Dupuyer Creek (Hike Full)

Location: Dupuyer
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Easy
Leaders: Dan Bennett and Dave Shea

Join your hike leaders and the Native Plant Society on a leisurely wildflower stroll through the beautiful grizzly country along the Old North Trail,

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Saturday, June 15 (Early Season)

Buffalo Lakes Naturalist Hike

Location: East Glacier Park
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderate
Leader: Lou Bruno and Rachel Potter

This hike will focus on the wildflowers and birds of the Badger-Two Medicine foothills, with beautiful views into the northern Badger and southern Glacier National Park to boot.

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Sunday, June 16 (Early Season)

Deep Creek (Hike Full)

Location: Great Falls
Miles/Difficulty: 8 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Zach Angstead and McCall Angstead

The group will hike up to an open ridge, where we'll experience grand views of the Deep Creek Drainage in the Little Belt Mountains.

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Saturday, June 22 (Early Season)

Elk Pass and Cataract Falls (Canceled)

Location: Augusta
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Len Kopec and Deva McKnight

A steady climb through open country will take hikers past brush, birds, butterflies, and wildflowers to a great view of the Scapegoat country.



Saturday, June 22 (Early Season)

Seven Rooms Cave (Canceled)

Location: Chester
Miles/Difficulty: 8 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Jim Bennett and Chris Anderson

Explore a beautiful corner of the Sweetgrass Hills in northern Montana.



Saturday, June 22 (Early Season)

Hall Creek in the Badger-Two Medicine (Canceled)

Location: East Glacier Park
Miles/Difficulty: 7 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Kendall Flint and Miki Flint

This hike enters the stunning Badger-Two Medicine wildlands from the entrance to the Rising Wolf Guest Ranch, west of East Glacier Park.



Saturday, June 29 (Early Season)

Fairview Mountain Climb (Hike Full)

Location: Augusta
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Extremely Strenuous
Leaders: Katie Kotynski and Tom Kotynski

Please Note: The date for this hike was previously listed as Thursday, June 27th. 

Come explore the glory of the Rocky Mountain Front as we hike to the gorgeous Willow Creek Falls, enjoying the flowers along the way before making a 3,000+ foot climb to the top of Fairview Mountain to enjoy views of the plains.

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Saturday, June 29 (Early Season)

Hannan Gulch 

Location: Augusta
Miles/Difficulty: 2.5 miles/Easy
Leaders: Gene Sentz and Dave Shea

Start your hike at the Hannan Gulch Bridge and then walk along the Sun River before continuing up onto a hogback where we'll see upper Hannan Gulch, the backside of Castle Reef, Sun River Canyon, French Gulch, and Norwegian Gulch.

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Saturday, June 29 (Early Season)

South Fork Two Medicine

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Lailani Upham and Carrie Bear Chief

Join Lailani Upham and co-leaders Carrie Bear Chief and Craig Falcon in a walk through the grounds where their ancestors (Blackfeet/Amskapi Pikunni people) have camped and lived for thousands of years.

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Saturday, June 29 (Early Season)

Sand Point in the Middle Fork Judith 

Location: Monarch
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Dave Wilsey and Sara Buley 

Experience a grand view of the Middle Fork Judith Wilderness Study Area and points beyond.

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Saturday, July 6 (Early Season)

Lost Peak in the Big Snowies (Hike Full)

Location: Lewistown
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leader: Tim Faber

Lost Peak is located in the Big Snowy Wilderness Study Area and is an area of old-growth forest and deep limestone-walled canyons.

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Saturday, July 13 (Early Season)

Ice Caves

Location: Lewistown
Miles/Difficulty: 11 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Noel Birkland and Harvey Nyberg

Hike this loop to Grand View, and then climb to the top of the Big Snowy Mountains for great views from to Wyoming and Canada on a clear day.

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Saturday, July 20 (Early Season)

Art & Nature Weekend 

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/East
Leader: Cindy Taylor and John Schmid

Join us for day one of a two-day event at the historic Diamond Willow Ranch in the Buffalo Hills in the Badger-Two Medicine ecosystem.

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Sunday, July 21 (Early Season)

Yeager Flats

Location: Choteau
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Cathy Balasky and Dave Shea

This hike passes through limber pine savannah, narrow-leafed cottonwood groves, sagebrush, Douglas fir/Englemann spruce forest, and a portion of the Ear Mountain burn before ending up in a vast, high-elevation native fescue prairie.

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Sunday, July 21 (Early Season)

Art & Nature Weekend

Location: East Glacier 
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/Easy
Leaders: Cindy Steiner and John Schmid

This is the second day of a two-day event at the historic Diamond Willow Ranch in the Buffalo Hills in the Badger-Two Medicine.

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Saturday, August 18 (Late Season)

Find New Caves

Location: Stanford
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Extremely Strenuous
Leaders: Zach Angstead and Rebecca Mead

Adventure, meet geology! On this hike, led by two Great Falls cavers, we'll search for new caves in the Running Wolf drainage in the Little Belt Mountains.

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Saturday, August 24 (Late Season)

Cow Creek WSA/Nez Perce Trail

Location: Big Sandy
Miles/Difficulty: 7 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Timothy Faber

This is a two-day car-camp and hike in the Cow Creek Wilderness Study Area, located within the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.

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Saturday, August 24 (Late Season)

South Fork Two Medicine River

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 8 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: John Schmid and Kathy Schmid

Enjoy a hike along the Two Medicine River with views of peaks and vistas of the Two Medicine drainage.

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Thursday, August 29 (Late Season)

Kiyo Crag 

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles/Extremely Strenuous
Leaders: Peter Metcalf and Renee Noffke

This is a spectacular hike that ascends to a prominent crag on the western edge of the Badger-Two Medicine, with outstanding views up and down the Rocky Mountain Front as well as into the interior of the Badger and the Bob from the summit.

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Sunday, September 22 (Late Season)

Elkcalf Mountain (Hike Full)

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Strenuous
Leaders: Kendall Flint and Miki Flint

We'll traverse through sparse Lodgepole Pine and Douglas Fir forest, sub-alpine slopes covered with both long-burned and re-growing Limber Pine, scattered huckleberry and sage and wildflowers, and scree-covered alpine slopes and ridgelines.

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Sunday, September 22 (Late Season)

Hall Creek Well Site

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 5 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Lou Bruno and Bill Cardin

This hike enters the stunning Badger-Two Medicine wildlands, west of East Glacier Park, and will follow trails from the South Fork of the Two Medicine River to historic Hall Creek and the proposed Hall Creek oil well site.

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Sunday, September 22 (Late Season)

Two Medicine Ridge

Location: East Glacier
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: John Schmid and Cherie Show

You won't be disappointed by this hike in Badger-Two Medicine drainage, with the hike beginning on an old Forest Service road and meandering through open meadows, aspen, and lodgepole forest. 

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Wednesday, October 2 (Late Season)

CMR and APR Prairie Tour (CANCELED)

Location: Lewistown
Miles/Difficulty: 6 miles/Moderat
Leaders: Mark Good and Camille Consolvo

This two-day adventure will start at the Buffalo Camp at the American Prairie Reserve where hikers will congregate and set up camp in the afternoon before heading out to see some of the sites of the area. Please Note: This hike has been canceled due to adverse weather conditions. 

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Saturday, October 12 (Late Season)

Middle Fork Judith

Location: Utica
Miles/Difficulty: 12 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Noel Birkland and Harvey Nyberg

This loop hike travels through high meadows and along Woodchopper Ridge and then descends through a Ponderosa Pine forest, past Arch Coulee and into a spectacular limestone canyon carved by the Middle Fork of the Judith River.

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