VTC #4 - Lewis & Clark Pass Fire Rehab

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Photo by Meg Killen

Project: Lewis & Clark Pass Fire Rehab

Landscape: Continental Divide - Alice Creek Historic District

Dates: June 25 - 29, 2018

Location: CDNST, Green Mountain - Lincoln R.D.
Project Work: Trail Maintenance & Signage
Camping: Frontcountry Car Camping
Project Difficulty: Strenuous
Volunteer Limit: 12
Volunteer Slots Available: PROJECT FULL - WAITLIST ONLY
Meeting Time & Place: Mon. June 25, 7:00 PM @ Alice Creek TH



Project Description

The Alice Creek Fire of 2017 damaged much of the trail infrastructure near Lewis and Clark Pass. Trail tread is gone in places and a sign denoting the historic significance of Lewis and Clark Pass was burned. To assist the Forest Service in rehab efforts, our crew will head up the Alice Creek drainage to repair the trail and install a new sign on the pass.

Our crew will be frontcountry car camping near the Alice Creek trailhead. Each day, our crew will hike from base camp to scenic Lewis and Clark Pass. The pass lies atop the Continental Divide and has sweeping views of the Scapegoat Wilderness and the Blackfoot Valley. Most of our work will take place on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail which is celebrating its 40th anniversary!

This project is a great way to kick start your summer while providing an invaluable service to Montana's public lands. If you want to help with forest fire recovery efforts while taking in some epic views, this is the project for you!

This project made possible in part by a grant from the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.

*Project offered in partnership with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition*

About the Area

Alice Creek is a designated Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places. Its historic and cultural significance stretches back 5,000 years. The Cokahlarishkit Trail (translates as "Buffalo Road River") was used by Native Americans to cross the Continental Divide and reach buffalo hunting grounds east of the Divide. Several historic cairns in the area that survive today are believed to have been constructed by Natives who used the trail. In more recent history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition utilized this trail with guidance from the Nez Perce. Along the journey to modern day Lewis and Clark Pass, Meriwether Lewis noted passing several Native encampments in the area. Prior to reaching the pass, Nez Perce guides departed the expedition knowing that this area was fiercely protected by tribes east of the Divide.

Today, Lewis and Clark Pass is a historic landmark along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. It is an entry point into the Scapegoat Wilderness, the first ever citizen-initiated Wilderness area in the nation. Nearby Red Mountain is the tallest peak in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex at 9,400'.

About the Continental Divide Trail Coalition

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) is the 501(c)(3) national non-profit working in partnership with the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management to protect, promote, and preserve the Continental Divide Trail. CDTC is a membership organization founded by a group of citizens passionate about the CDNST and working to building a strong community of supporters and trail enthusiasts who want to see the Trail completed and protected, not just for today’s users but for future generations to come.

MWA is thrilled to be partnering with CDTC on this project. Thanks to CDTC for all their hard work to complete the CDT and build community surrounding our nation's longest mountain trail!

Check out more volunteer opportunities with CDTC, including the Trail Adopter program and a project at MacDonalds Pass, on their website.

Meeting Time & Place

Monday June 25, 7:00 PM @ Alice Creek TH
Directions: Access to the trailhead is located about 9 miles east of Lincoln on Highway 200. Turn north on the Alice Creek road and travel about 8 miles to the trailhead.

Camping Details

We'll be froncountry car camping near the Alice Creek TH for the week. This is a primitive, non-developed site. There is a vault toilet available but no running water. 

Food and Water

MWA will provide meals and cooking gear for the duration of the project. No dinner will be provided on Monday the 25th, so please arrive having already eaten or prepared to eat on your own. First meal provided will be breakfast on the 26th and last meal provided will be lunch on Friday the 29th. No dinner will be provided on Friday.

Volunteers are expected to help with food preparation and clean up on a roatating basis, but your crew leader will handle primary kitchen responsibilities. Since there is no running water available at our campsite, please help by bringing a supply of drinking water to last you the week. 

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