VTC - Tunnel Creek

Photo by Meg Killen

Project: Tunnel Creek

Landscape: Great Bear Wilderness

Dates: September 25, 2021

National Public Lands Day

Location: Tunnel Creek Trail - Great Bear Wilderness
Project Work: Trail Maintenance
Project Difficulty: Moderate
Project Partner: Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation
Volunteer Limit: 20
Volunteer Slots Available: FULL
Meeting Time: Saturday, Sept. 25 at 8 a.m.
Meeting Place: Hungry Horse Ranger Station



Project Description

Our Volunteer Trail Crew is teaming up with the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation for a National Public Lands Day to remember. We are headed to the Great Bear Wilderness to try and restore the overgrown Tunnel Creek Trail near Stanton Lake. Project work will consist almost entirely of brushing, so come ready to use hand saws and loppers to open the trail corridor back up.

Few trail projects are more rewarding than restoring a trail that has nearly lost its hold on the land. Come join us for a fun day of service in this remote area of the Great Bear!

Meeting Time & Place

Saturday, Sept. 25, 8 a.m. at Hungry Horse Ranger Station. Google map directions here.

From the Hungry Horse Ranger Station we will caravan to the Tunnel Creek Trailhead off Highway 2. This trailhead is located just east of Stanton Lake off Old Highway 2 East.

Project Difficulty

This will be a moderate project. Brushing is among the least strenuous of trail work tasks, but still requires frequent bending over, squatting, and using your arms all day. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about your ability to participate safely in this project.

*Note: project work is subject to change. Our tasks may become easier or more challenging. Your flexibility in the field is appreciated as we adapt to changing conditions. 

Food and Water

No food or drinking water will be provided for this day outing. Please ensure you pack a lunch, plenty of snacks, and at least 3 liters of drinking water to get you through the day.

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