Adopt-A-Trail Crew

Photo by Meg Killen

Day-Long Trail Projects Near Bozeman & Livingston

Madison-Gallatin Chapter

Who We Are and What We Do

In 2018, Montana Wilderness Association's Madison-Gallatin Chapter launched a new, grassroots-driven stewardship initiative. MWA chapter members and local trail-loving allies teamed up to help the U.S. Forest Service address trail maintenance needs in the Hyalite Porcupine Buffalo-Horn Wilderness Study Area and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. The Adopt-A-Trail Crew cleared downfall, installed drainage features and brushed trail corridor on the Lava Lake and Cliff Creek trails. They continued their efforts in 2019 to great success. The last two years, 87 volunteers contributed 656 hours of service to the trails we all love to hike and ride. 

This community of volunteers understands trails are integral to our way of life. Whether trails are at risk of being loved to death (Lava Lake/Beehive Basin) or falling off the map due to backlogged maintenance (Cliff Creek), we can all pitch in to make a difference. Not only is this work rewarding, it is a ton of fun. The Adopt-A-Trail Crew is filled with passionate, kind-hearted people who make for great company on the trail. They work to help preserve access to some of Montana's most beautiful landscapes.

2021 Trail Projects

After an off year in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, our Adopt-A-Trail Crew aims to be back to work in 2021. In addition to our usual risk management practices, we will also implement added precautions in response to covid. Project details will be shared on this webpage once they are finalized. Reminder - these will all be single day outings. Contact our coordinators at to let them know you are interested.

How To Join the Crew

Interested in joining the Adopt-A-Trail Crew? There are a slew of exciting day-long trail projects lined up for 2021! Trips are free to join. Here's how to get involved:

  1. Contact the Adopt-A-Trail Crew coordinators for Madison-Gallatin Chapter to let them know you are interested. Do not show up to the trailhead unannounced – all volunteers must be cleared ahead of time.
  2. Be honest about your ability level. Trail work rookies are welcome, but know the work is physically demanding. Consult with the Adopt-A-Trail Crew coordinator to make sure you will be a good fit for a project.
  3. If you plan to join a project, follow through on your commitment.
    • If something comes up and you can no longer join, please give your trail captian plenty of notice. Crew sizes are limited so we often have waiting lists for projects.

Note: All projects are subject to change. Please make sure you are in touch with your Trail Captain before the trip to ensure you have up-to-date logistical info.

Paperwork & Resources for Trail Captains


                Special thanks to REI for their support of this program