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Ben Gabriel
Executive Director

Ben leads and oversees MWA staff and guides the organization's strategy. He enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, and kayaking, as well as hiking and camping with his wife Christa and their daughter Neko.
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Gabriel Furshong
Deputy Executive Director

Gabe is responsible for ensuring overall organizational effectiveness while MWA searches for a new executive director. His duties include oversight of our strategic plan and management of our leadership team. He also ensures productive communication between MWA's staff and board of directors. He and his wife Lauren enjoy hunting, hiking, and dancing.
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Carl Deitchman
Finance Director

Carl manages the financial aspects of the organization, working closely with staff, chapters, and the board. He and his partner enjoy hiking and traveling around the state.
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Laura Parr
Business Manager

Laura provides administrative, human resource, and business support to MWA staff and State Council. In her spare time she can be found hiking, canoeing, gardening, and enjoying life with her husband and two kids.
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Courtney Wantink
Executive Assistant

Courtney provides administrative support to the executive director and development team. She works closely with staff, board, and chapter members to facilitate communication and organize meetings and retreats. When not at work, she is most likely on the water, out on a hike, or trying to improve her skiing skills.
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Heather Greene
Development Director

Heather leads MWA's development team and oversees our major donor program, membership, and grants, as well as our planned giving and special appeals. In her free time she can be found hiking, mountain biking, camping, or skiing with her three kids.
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Kassia Randzio
Development Manager

Kassia develops strategies and implements programs that elevate MWA's profile statewide and nationally. She's a lifelong backpacker, canoeist, and cross-country skier and enjoys exploring Montana's wild backcountry.
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Bob Ronan
Database Manager

Bob supports the development and communications departments by maintaining the MWA database and providing quality data for all mailings and reports. He enjoys backpacking, fishing, and hunting throughout Montana with his wife and two children.
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Mike Rooney
Development Coordinator

Mike supports the executive director and development director in managing MWA's major donors, corporate sponsorships, and fundraising events. An avid hiker, camper, and trail runner, Mike is a newcomer to Montana and can't wait to explore more of its wild places.
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Ted Brewer
Communications Director

Ted develops and implements MWA's communications and manages its media relations. He and his wife Beth enjoy hiking with their two dogs, backpacking, Nordic skiing, and fly fishing.
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Alex Blackmer
Communications Coordinator

Alex supports MWA's communications strategy and creates content to raise awareness about the organization's work and programs across the state. You can find him exploring Montana's best skiing, biking, climbing, and backpacking.
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Denny Lester
IT Manager

Denny is responsible for providing IT support and managing the organization's website and microsites. He enjoys traveling around the state with his wife and two children.
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Aubrey Bertram
Eastern Montana Field Director

Aubrey works with communities in eastern Montana to preserve and protect our prairies, badlands, and island mountain ranges. Aubrey is a life-long skier, hiker, and runner, and volunteers with various civic organizations in Billings. She enjoys exploring public lands of all kinds with her two dogs, and recovering from those adventures with long naps on the couch with her two cats.
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Kayje Booker
State Policy Director

Kayje mobilizes grassroots efforts and works with partner organizations and state elected officals to protect and enhance our public lands. She enjoys camping, slow runs with her dog, and traveling both near and far.
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Matt Bowser
Stewardship Director

Matt oversees our stewardship program with an aim of providing opportunities for volunteers to engage with wild landscapes in meaningful ways. He enjoys backpacking, hunting, and Nordic skiing.
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Emily Cleveland
Southwest Montana Field Director

Emily works with communities in southwest Montana on collaborative land management efforts on a range of landscapes, including the Gallatin and Madison Ranges, the Snowcrest Mountains, and the Ruby Valley. She also helps to build grassroots support and develop partnerships from the Crazies to the Beaverhead Mountains. She enjoys spending time outside skiing, hiking, biking, camping and exploring new places.
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Grete Gansauer
Northwest Montana Field Coordinator

Grete works with the Flathead-Kootenai Chapter volunteers to build MWA's presence and partnerships in the Flathead Valley. She loves exploring new wild places and trying to identify wildflowers along the trail.
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John Gatchell
Senior Conservation Advisor

John oversees MWA’s Quiet Trails program and assists in multi-year work to conserve Montana‘s outstanding wildlands and Wilderness study areas. John enjoys backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, sea kayaking, trail work, dancing, and swimming. 
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Mark Good
Central Montana Field Director

Mark develops and implements community education programs; recruits, trains and manages volunteers; and performs organizing and outreach activities in central and eastern Montana. He works in our Great Falls field office. He enjoys hiking and skiing.
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Noah Marion
Public Lands Field Organizer

Noah works directly with communities to protect and enhance our public lands, works with students to cultivate the next generation of conservation advocates, and works to promote and expand Montana's outdoor recreation economy. He enjoys rafting, backcountry skiing, hiking, camping, and road trips with his wife and two dogs.
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Sonny Mazzullo
Stewardship Coordinator

Sonny mobilizes MWA's world-class trail volunteers and organizes our trail stewardship volunteer projects. He spends his time outdoors fishing, hiking, skiing, and biking.
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Casey Perkins
Rocky Mountain Front Field Director

Casey works with communities along the Front to implement the Heritage Act. She also works with Tribal and conservation partners to find long-term protection for the Badger-Two Medicine area. She enjoys floating, hiking, skiing, running, playing with her dog Hank, and digging in the garden with her cats.
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Amy Robinson
Northwest Montana Field Director

Amy works with communities in northwest Montana on collaborative land management efforts on a range of landscapes, including the Whitefish Range, Cabinet Mountains, and Scotchman Peaks. Among other things, she enjoys exploring rivers and climbing high into remote mountains.
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John Todd
Conservation Director

John is responsible for leading and managing field directors in the development and implementation of grassroots campaigns and programs. When he’s not working for more wilderness, you can (or can’t) find John with his wife, daughters and faithful bird dog in some of Montana’s last best places.
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Cedron Jones
GIS Specialist

Cedron performs GIS mapping services for MWA on a volunteer basis. He is the author of Peakbagging Montana: A Guide to Montana's Major Peaks.
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