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About the Island Range Chapter

The Island Range Chapter engages members and volunteers to protect special wild places in central and eastern Montana. Some of our best known wild places include the Rocky Mountain Front, island ranges like the Little Belt and Big Snowy Mountains, and prairie wildlands including the CM Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and other prairie wildlands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.


Island Range members on a Wilderness Walk to Square Butte (photo by Zack Porter)

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How We Keep Montana Wild

Planning for the Future
The Bureau of Land Management’s Hi-Line and Lewistown districts are updating their Resource Management Plans, an opportunity for chapter volunteers to increase protection for BLM lands with wilderness characteristics. Priority areas include Wilderness Study Areas like Burnt Lodge and Bitter Creek, and lands like Square Creek and Frenchman Breaks. Members attend meetings with the Bureau of Land Management and partners, write letters to the editor, host events about these issues, and sign petitions to make sure the Bureau of Land Management keeps these areas wild.

Restoring Fish to Judith Basin
We're helping restore the fishery in the Middle Fork of the Judith Wilderness Study Area. After decades of vehicle use in the area, what was once a blue ribbon trout stream is now a degraded, stunted fishery. Our goal is to return the Middle Fork Judith to its former glory and make it a viable candidate for future Wilderness designation.
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The Rocky Mountain Front and the Badger-Two Medicine
We're still celebrating the passage of the Heritage Act, which in December 2014 protected nearly 300,000 acres on the Rocky Mountain Front and designated the first new Montana wilderness acres in more than 30 years. We're capitalizing on this momentum to fight back against oil and gas development in the Badger-Two Medicine area and protect more roadless places as recommended wilderness in the new Helena-Lewis & Clark Forest Plan.
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Chapter Leadership

President: Julie Demarais
Vice President: Zach Angstead
Secretary: Sara Buley
Treasurer: Dave Wilsey
Chapter Representative: Camille Consolvo
At-Large Board Members: Dan Bennett, Eric Heidle, Gerry Jennings, Mike Enk, Rick Kerr, Gordon Whirry, Ralph Knapp, Andrew Stucker, Jo Ann Wright, Bonnie Warren, and Jeff Goodrich
Ambassadors: Jay Eklund, Larry and Betty Salois, Dave Mari, Arlo Skari

Contact Us

The Island Range Chapter meets at 5:30p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Paris Gibson Square. All are welcome! For more information, email: