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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

South Fork Two Medicine River (photo by Gene Sentz)

The bad news: The leases threat of an industrialized Badger again looms. The good news: This was not a setback that was unanticipated or is insurmountable. The ruling will be appealed.  

Bagging Gallatin Peak in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area (photo by Maggie Slepian)

The bi-partisan Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Management Act was drafted and supported by all four members of Montana’s Congressional delegation. 

Autumn along the Big Hole River (photo by Scott Wheeler)

This lease sale, and the introduction of large-scale extractive projects, would damage blue-ribbon fisheries, risk the livelihoods of local guides and outfitters, and jeopardize the drinking water of thousands of Montanans.

Sun illuminates a limestone cavern in the Middle Fork Judith Wilderness Study Area (photo by Gordon Whirry)

The representative keeps talking about the importance of public input, but says it's only appropriate after his WSA bills are passed. Really? 

Danaher Meadows, one of Steve Daines' preferred locations for airstrips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness (photo by Mark Cunnane)

Sen. Daines thinks flying planes into the legendary Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is a good idea. No one else agrees. 

Ravalli County residents who walked out of the hearing gather in front of county office

As the hearing proceeded, the 20 people who had walked out of the building began chanting, “listen to the people.”