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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Buffalo Lakes in the Badger-Two Medicine (photo by Gene Sentz)

In nearly the same breath that Secretary Zinke used to suggest the Badger would be a good fit for a future national monument, he defended his recommendation to dramatically shrink Bear Ears National Monument, a place that’s as sacred to five sovereign southwestern nations as the Badger-Two Medicine is to the Blackfeet. 

The Whitefish Range (photo by Steve Gnam)

We’re pleased to report that the Forest Service is recommending the Whitefish Range, the Swan Front, and Jewel Basin for Wilderness and will manage these places to maintain their wild character and not allow motorized or mechanized transport within them. 

The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area (photo by Zack Porter)

Congressman Gianforte turned his back on Montana's time-honored backcountry values and traditions and on the places we hold so dear.

Blue Joint Wilderness Study Area in western Montana (photo by Zack Porter)

If this bill were to pass, it would represent the single biggest loss of protected public lands in our state’s history.

The Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area in the heart of the Gallatin Range (photo by Louise Johns)

Sen. Daines is demanding Montana’s wild legacy as ransom for doing what thousands of Montanans have asked him to do – to support this mineral withdrawal and protect the economy of the Yellowstone gateway.

Coal Creek in the Flathead National Forest (photo by Blake Passmore)

​​​​​​​Sen. Daines is co-sponsoring a draconian, top-down bill written by a Wyoming senator, while Congressman Gianforte is supporting a similar bill written by a congressman from Arkansas. ​​​​​​​