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Apr 28 2017

Are You Ready to Give Wild?

Give Local May 4 and 5

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In the hills around my home in Helena, arrowleaf balsamroot leaves have emerged from the earth and meadowlarks are singing to the breeze -- sure signs that summer is on the way. During this most hopeful time of year, it's easy to get excited about the wild places that make Montana such a great place to live.

This hope for the wild is why I’m excited about the Give Local events happening across Montana, when each community has the chance to invest in the causes they care about, like Montana's wildlands.

On May 4 and 5, join me and thousands of people who will “give local” during 24 hours of giving. To support Montana Wilderness Association in a Give Local campaign near you, just click on the image that corresponds with your community and then search for Montana Wilderness Association. It’s that easy!

If everyone who loves our wild places invests $10, $20, or $100, each gift will add up to make a big difference for the future of our wildlands.

Thank you in advance for helping Montana Wilderness Association in such a significant way as we protect wildlands across Montana.

- Annie McLaughlin, MWA development manager

P.S. - If you want to help Montana Wilderness Association even more, please share our Facebook events! Invite your friends to join you in giving back to the causes you care about in your community.