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Photo by Patrick Colleran
Mar 08 2018

Celebrate our 60th by Making a Difference

Sign the 6 for 60 pledge and help protect our wildlands

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2018 is the 60th anniversary of Montana Wilderness Association. For each and every one of those 60 years, we’ve been powered by supporters, members, and volunteers who give (literally) their blood, sweat, and tears to help preserve Montana’s most valuable resource: our untrammeled, spectacular, diverse, and culturally significant wildlands. 

Now it’s your turn. We’re asking you to pull on your superhero cape, eat your spinach, and blast the movement for Montana’s wild and public lands into the stratosphere.

We’re asking you to sign the 6 For 60 Pledge and commit to taking action for our wildlands.     

Now, before you ask - no, you don’t actually need a cape. You don’t even need to like spinach. The pledge is easy. You can choose from 12 actions, which run the gamut from involved (volunteering for a week-long trail crew or writing letters to the editor) to quick and easy (posting on social media or recruiting a friend to take the pledge themselves). 

Since it’s our 60th anniversary, we’re asking that you sign up for six actions - one for each decade of MWA’s commitment to defending our beloved wildlands - and pledge to complete them by the end of the year (we promise that’s not until December 31st, so you don’t have to do everything all at once, unless you want to). When you sign up, we’ll send you an email with more information about how to tackle each of your selections. For some selections, you’re totally empowered to act on your own. For others, we’ll follow up with more info to make taking action as easy as pie for you.  



Why are we doing this now? Well, it’s pretty simple. Our wild places have been up against it this year. Attacks from our elected officials both local and national are threatening to cripple the wild heritage that defines who we are as Montanans. They’re also trying to leave Montanans out of the process while claiming that they’re representing us. It’s a tough slog, but we’re not about to turn around and head back to the trailhead just because we’re having to scramble over a lot of deadfall. 

Instead, we need to crank up the momentum and make the power of our movement clear to the people and politicians of Montana. We need to put pressure on our elected officials. We need to recruit friends to the wilderness cause. We need to spread the word at farmers markets and friends’ houses, trailheads and tourist hotspots. We need to organize community events. We need to swing pulaskis and build new trails. We need to cook for trail builders. We need to spread the word on social media. We need to give generously. We need to be leaders in our neighborhoods, our communities, and our regions. 

The 6 For 60 Pledge lets you choose the actions you’d most like to tackle and makes it easy to follow through. If you’ve been wanting to make a difference but haven’t been sure how, or if you want to take your advocacy to the next level, now’s your chance. 

Oh, and if you need even more motivation, everyone who signs the pledge will also be entered to win some great gear from our partners at YETI and KUHL



Thanks, and we'll be in touch right after you sign!

- Amanda Hagerty, MWA outreach and education manager