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A vote is a voice, and for more than 50 years we've been raising our voices together to protect Montana's great outdoors.

MWA launched the Montana Outdoor Heritage Project (MOHP) in 2012. This innovative project is dedicated to amplifying our voices through nonpartisan voter engagement and increasing support for Montana’s great outdoors. The project is founded on a strong partnership with the Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund and the Forward Montana Foundation, with a mission to identify supporters of Montana’s great outdoors, secure their pledge to vote, and turn them out to the polls.

How Does It Work?

MWA and our partners employ practices that are proven to increase turnout, including stationary voter pledge canvassing, door-to-door ID canvassing, direct mail mobilization, and online voter pledge solicitation. All of these tactics lead toward a single goal: robust get-out-the-vote organizing for primary and general elections by email, phone, text message, and individually endorsed pledge cards.

We employed 25 additional organizers who helped us reach more than 40,000 Montanans in 2012. Thousands pledged to vote, including 5,000 students at Montana State University and the University of Montana. These are big numbers in our low-population state.

Polling data tells us that 85 percent of Montanans support wilderness protection, and we are confident that the Montana Outdoor Heritage Project is inspiring more and more of these wilderness supporters — regardless of their political preferences — to vote in large numbers. Our public lands deserve it.