• Blackleaf Canyon on the Rocky Mountain Front.

2014 Wilderness Walks

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Photo by Ryan Edwards

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Join the Montana Wilderness Association as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act. Our 2014 Wilderness Walks feature walks into wilderness areas, proposed wilderness areas, and roadless lands that pay tribute to the spirit of the Wilderness Act. This year we are proud to offer more than 150 free, guided day hikes, backpacking adventures, and trail maintenance projects.

Select an MWA chapter area to find a walk:

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How to sign up for a walk

We’re excited to be moving to an online preregistration system for the 2014 Wilderness Walks season. Preregistering for walks online will make it easier for walk leaders to keep track of who's going on walks, allow MWA to collect liability waiver information from participants before the walk starts, and protect our walk leaders’ personal contact information.

The new process for signing up for a walk is simple.

  1. On the above map, click on the chapter area where you walk is located, then click on the number of your walk or scroll down through the list to find your desired walk.  Once you find your walk click on “Preregister for this walk.”
  2. Fill out the simple Eventbrite form by first choosing if you are registering for yourself or your family. The form includes your contact information and a few extra questions that will be helpful to the hike leader. You will also need to read the liability waiver and check the box that states that you agree to the waiver. Then click “Complete Registration.”
  3. If you are preregistering for other family members you’ll need to fill out the same information for each member. Please note: You can preregister your family all at once, but you cannot preregister your friends, as you are unable to sign the waiver and release agreement on their behalf.
  4. An email confirmation will automatically be sent to you with the walk leader’s contact information.
  5. To finalize your participation in the walk, you must contact the walk leader directly to discuss the details and confirm your participation in the walk. Only after you’ve spoken with the walk leader are you registered for the walk.

If you don’t contact the walk leader directly to confirm your participation in their walk, the leader has the right to give your spot to someone else.

All future communications should be made directly with the walk leader. If you need to cancel please contact the walk leader as soon as possible so they can give your spot to someone else.

If you have any questions about this process or if you don’t use email, please contact MWA’s Administrative Assistant, Amanda Hagerty at ahagerty@wildmontana.org or (406) 443-7350 ext. 108