• Views from the Continental Divide Trail on the Montana and Idaho border near Monida Pass. Photo by Meg Killen

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Photo by Meg Killen

Volunteer on a CDT Montana Trail Project

VOLUNTEER: 2015 CDT Montana Projects are Posted! 

We're thrilled to announce our 2015 Volunteer Project Lineup! This summer's offerings include trips to Glacier and Yellowstone Nationa Parks commerating the National Park Service Centennial, new trail construction near Granite Butte Lookout and major construction projects in the Scapegoat, the Bob Marshall and the Anaconda-PIntler Wilderness areas. Click the project names in the table below to learn more about the project and to find a link for registration.

2015 CDT Montana Volunteer Projects

Project Name Dates Location Camp Difficulty*
CDT #2 - Straight Creek June 19-27       Scapegoat Wilderness Backcountry Strenuous*
CDT #3 - Granite Butte
New Trail
June 26-28 Helena NF Car-Camp Moderate-Strenuous*
CDT #5 - Bowl Creek July 10-19 Bob Marshall Wilderness Backcountry Very Strenuous*
CDT #7 - Flesher Pass July 17-25 Helena NF Backcountry Strenuous*
CDT #8 - Cutaway Pass July 31-Aug 8 Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Backcountry Strenuous*
CDT #9 - Targhee Pass July 31-Aug 8  Gallatin NF Backcountry Strenuous*
CDT #10 - Upper Landers
Fork (Ladies-Only Trip)
Aug 14-22 Scapegoat Wilderness Backcountry Strenuous*
CDT #11 - Pintler Trailhead
Sign Installation
Aug 14-16 Beaverhead Deerlodge NF Car-Camp Easy - Moderate*
CDT #12 - Two Medicine Lake  Aug 16-21            Glacier Natl Park Car-Camp Strenuous*
CDT #13 - Summit Lake Trail Aug 23-28 Yellowstone NP Car-Camp Strenuous*
CDT #14 - Pintler Trailhead
Sign Installation II
Aug 28-30 Beaverhead Deerlodge NF Car-Camp Easy - Moderate*
CDT #15 - Hellroaring Ck 
(College Students Only)
Sept 4-7 Centennial Range, BLM Car-Camp Moderate*
CDT #16 - Welcome Creek Sept 5-12 Scapegoat Wilderness Backcountry Moderate*
CDT #17 - Upper Seymour Lake Sept 11-19 Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Backcountry Strenuous*
*Please, please, please select a project that is aligned with your physical abilty and be sure to read our online FAQs section (frequently asked questions). Keep in mind that you'll be working full days in the field (not something most folks do each day) and endurance for the duration of the project is very important. You should be prepared for the level of project you selected to ensure your safety and the safety of the entire crew. All volunteer registrations will be reviewed in detail with special attention to "strenuous" and "very strenuous" difficutly levels. If necessary, CDT Montana staff reserve the right to kindly recommend an alternative project bettered suited for your experience and physical abilty. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Trail Crew Volunteer
Join us in the field to swing a tool, move dirt or build a new structure. CDT Montana projects range from moderate to very strenuous; one day to 10 days; car camping campsites to backcountry living primitive settings. There is something for everyone. 

Give us a call if we can offer more details. We can help you make a decision that is right for you and other volunteers you'll be working with. It's important to pull your weight, but learning and new experiences is what CDT Montana volunteer projects are all about, too! 

Camp Cook
Want to join a field project, but not interested in all the heavy lifting. Then volunteer as a Camp Cook. 

We need Camp Cooks for car camping and backcountry projects. CDT Montana provides the budget, menu suggestions, kitchen gear and hungry volunteers. You help with the food shopping, menu planning and on-site chef skills. Two cooks are often better than one so bring a friend! Call us if you're interested in this position at 406.499.2309; we'll give you all the details. And you get a nifty little Camp Cook apron as a souvenier. 

Volunteer Packer 
We are used to working with horse and mule strings, but we're not opposed to llamas, goats or big dogs that can pack our gear into the backcountry. Nearly half of our trail projects are in the backcountry; 4 miles to 18 miles in distance so we are very grateful for our packing friends. In particular, the Back Country Horsemen of Montana (various clubs) have stepped up to help us with pack support over the years. If you're interested in packing - we'd love to chat with you! We schedule most of our packing trips in February-March before summer projects. All packers must have (current) USFS Defensive Horsemenship Training. 


2015 CDT Montana Project Map (locations are approximate)

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