• Views from the Continental Divide Trail on the Montana and Idaho border near Monida Pass. Photo by Meg Killen

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Photo by Meg Killen

Volunteer on a CDT Montana Trail Project

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VOLUNTEER: Get involved on the Continental Divide Trail! 

We have wrapped another teriffic season of trail work on the Continental Divide! Check out photos our crews trail dawgin' in Glacier, Yellowstone, The Bob, the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness and more here. Thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers for investing some sweat equity into the trails we love to hike and ride!

Next summer's projects will be posted in March 2015, so check back early and often to be first in line for our next service outing. In the meantime, check out the impressive accomplishments listed below from our 2014 field season! 


Project Name (Partner) Location Notable Accomplishments  
CDT #1- Pipestone Pass  (MT Youth Challenge Academy)    Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF Over 400 total service hours spent clearing & installing 200+ drainge structures.  
CDT #2- Nevada Mtn
(Boy ScoutsTroop #208)
Helena NF Completed 1800' of retread, cleared 19 downed trees and cleaned/ installed 20+ drains.  
CDT #3- Sun River Pass Bob Marshall Wilderness Cleared 83 downed tress from the trail, opening this stretch of the CDT for hikers and riders for the season.  
CDT #4- MacDonald Pass Helena NF Prepped Cromwell-Dixon Campground by removing noxious weeds, bucking downed logs and making debris burn piles.  
CDT #5- Marias Pass
(Salish Kootenai College)
Badger-Two Medicine New tread totaling 3200' and over 30 drainage structures cleared. Plus a visit from Jack Gladstone!  
CDT #6- Chinese Wall
(Bob Marshall Foundation)
Bob Marshall Wilderness Volunteers treked along the Chinese Wall, clearing and installing over 300 drains along the way.  
CDT #7- Badger Creek
(Blackfeet Com. College)
Badger-Two Medicine Tribal youth worked two miles of trail in the Badger, brushing and installing drainage along the way.  
CDT #8 - Elk Calf Mtn
(The Woods Project)
Badger-Two Medicine Two miles of treadwork through brushy, overgrown sections of trail near Elk Calf Mountain.  
CDT #13- Upper Seymour
(Ladies Trip)
Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Hardworking ladies maintained four miles of trail by rocking, retreading, digging roots and clearing/ installing over 100 drainage structures.  
CDT #14- Many Glacier Glacier Natl Park Installed check dams, rocked trail and restored trenched-out tread along the Swiftcurrent Trail.  
CDT #15- SlagAMelt
(UM Wilderness Institute)
West Big Hole Freshman from University of Montana cleared/installed 50+ drains and cleared 18 downed trees from the trail.  
CDT #16- Edith Lake Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Volunteers demolished a failing bridge and installed a new 30' foot bride in its place.  
CDT #17- Italian Peaks
(MWA NexGen)
Beaverhead- Deerlodge NF College students spent Labor Day weekend brushing and maintaining trail on a remote CDT spur.  
CDT #18-Centennial Mtns Hell Roaring Creek Volunteers worked alongside BLM staff and the Montana Conservation Corps to build a new, 47 foot crib wall!  
CDT #19 - Heart Lake Yellowstone Improved Trail Creek & Mount Sheridan Trails with 35 new check dams, 27 new waterbars, and 4 miles of brushing and waterbar maintenance.  

Trail Crew Volunteer
Join us in the field to swing a tool, move dirt or build a new structure. CDT Montana projects range from moderate to very strenuous; one day to 10 days; car camping campsites to backcountry living primitive settings. There is something for everyone. 

Give us a call if we can offer more details. We can help you make a decision that is right for you and other volunteers you'll be working with. It's important to pull your weight, but learning and new experiences is what CDT Montana volunteer projects are all about, too! 

Camp Cook
Want to join a field project, but not interested in all the heavy lifting. Then volunteer as a Camp Cook. 

We need Camp Cooks for car camping and backcountry projects. CDT Montana provides the budget, menu suggestions, kitchen gear and hungry volunteers. You help with the food shopping, menu planning and on-site chef skills. Two cooks are often better than one so bring a friend! Call us if you're interested in this position at 406.499.2309; we'll give you all the details. And you get a nifty little Camp Cook apron as a souvenier. 

Volunteer Packer 
We are used to working with horse and mule strings, but we're not opposed to llamas, goats or big dogs that can pack our gear into the backcountry. Nearly half of our trail projects are in the backcountry; 4 miles to 18 miles in distance so we are very grateful for our packing friends. In particular, the Back Country Horsemen of Montana (various clubs) have stepped up to help us with pack support over the years. If you're interested in packing - we'd love to chat with you! We schedule most of our packing trips in February-March before summer projects. All packers must have (current) USFS Defensive Horsemenship Training. 


2014 CDT Montana Project Map. Click on the map below to download pdf. 

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