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Having been actively involved in every successful wilderness campaign in the state's history, MWA tackles projects with the same enthusiasm and energy it takes to ascend a mountain summit: step by step. Our work is diverse and innovative. It ranges from working collaboratively with communities and businesses to protect our wildlands to training the next generation to be champions for wilderness to doing the grunt work of building the Continental Divide Trail through Montana.

Dive a little deeper here to find a campaign or program that you can get excited about, and contact us. Active members are what MWA is all about.

Protecting Wild Places

Our campaigns identify wild areas that hold great potential and look for administrative and legislative paths towards protecting these areas for future generations. Staff, member volunteers, and friends of...

Protecting Public Lands

MWA’s wide-ranging programs maintain one consistent focus: protect the potential wilderness qualities of all of Montana’s public lands, particularly the lands that are free of...