Eastern Montana Walks

Photo by Jim Chapman
Eastern Montana


Saturday, June 2 *note date change*

Upper Layout Creek

Location: Billings
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Roger Otstot and Rita Harding

Explore the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. The hike winds up Layout Creek Canyon, past a waterfall, to Layout Creek Springs, where the trail ends. This lush secluded canyon offers a striking contrast to the surrounding arid plateau and emphasizes the importance of water to the land.

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Saturday, June 23 *note date change*

Makoshika Vista

Location: Glendive
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles/Moderate
Leader: Tom Shoush and Brenlee Shipps

This hike follows a road-to-trails route along a plateau in the undeveloped portion of Makoshika, providing close up views of the badlands and distant views of adjacent valleys. Makoshika is Montana’s largest state park and protects over 11,000 acres of contiguous badlands topography.  The park is known for its scenic, recreational and scientific value,

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Saturday, June 23

Sand Arroyo

Location: Fort Peck
Miles/Difficulty: 3 miles/Moderate
Leaders: Patti Scanlan and Len Kopec

The Sand Arroyo area is known for its unusual rocks and fossils that provide a rare example of a continuous record from the end of the dinosaur age to the beginning of the age of mammals.  Joining the group will be a BLM archaeologist who will talk about the geologic history of the area.

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Sunday, June 24

Bitter Creek

Location: Glasgow
Miles/Difficulty: 4 miles Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Dan Bennett and Mark Good

Join us for a real prairie wilderness experience at Bitter Creek, a 60,000-acre Wilderness Study Area managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This large expanse of rolling shortgrass prairie is one of the top birding areas in the region. You can also expect to see tipi rings.

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Saturday, June 30

Rimrock Lake *hike is full*

Location: Roscoe
Miles/Difficulty: 10 miles Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: John Miller and Debbie Miller

The hike to Rimrock Lake takes in spectacular scenery in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  The trail follows the East Rosebud River.  Moose, bear, mule deer, and mountain goats comprise some of the potential wildlife sightings along this trail.  Beautiful wildflowers abound as well.

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Saturday, September 15

Terry Badlands

Location: Terry
Miles/Difficulty: 3.6 miles Moderate
Leaders: Karen Stevenson and Mike Stevenson

A great hike to naturally eroded sandstone bridges. Along the way, climb ridges for expansive views of the landscape of rugged draws and unusual rock formations. This is the land that frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron captured in her photography and described in her diaries over a century ago.

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Sunday, September 30

Chalk Buttes

Location: Ekalaka
Miles/Difficulty: 8 to 10 miles/Moderately Strenuous
Leaders: Helen Stevens and Roger Otstot

Join this late September walk in southeastern Montana for remarkable views of limestone cliffs, ash-filled draws and canyons dappled with fall colors.  We will hike up the main butte and continue down through a birch-filled canyon before climbing the south slope of Fighting Butte.

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