Wilderness Stewards

Photo by Meg Killen

Wilderness Stewards

Madison-Gallatin Chapter

Volunteer Ambassadors for Wilderness Trails

Who We Are & What We Do

Wilderness Stewards is a group of public land-loving volunteers who educate trail users on Wilderness values and responsible recreation. We connect with visitors both at the trailhead and out hiking on the trail. In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, we work to:

  • Ensure hikers are prepared for the journey ahead. We share route information, provide reccomendations, give safety tips and answer any questions.
  • Educate trail users on Leave No Trace Practices and Wilderness Ethics. This helps protect our Wilderness Areas from misuse and degradation.
  • Document and share trail use and management needs with Forest Service. Your intel helps the USFS better steward public lands.
  • Foster deeper connections with Wilderness. Think about the first time you hiked into a capital "W" Wilderness. Did you recognize what made that designation unique? Did you understand the role Wilderness plays in our ecosystem and in our nation's legacy? Wilderness Stewards enrich users' experience by providing context. They're also there to help people who want to learn more or become advocates get connected to helpful resources.

In 2018, Wilderness Stewards spent 6 days at the Lava Lake Trail and 3 at Beehive Basin in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. We're seeking to increase our presence on these trails and eventually expand to other trails in the Madison-Gallatin area.

Join the Cause

We're looking for more volunteers to become Wilderness Stewards in Spring 2019. This is truly an all-ability levels volunteer opportunity. You can spend the day hanging out at the trailhead or hit the trail and interact with users on the go. Its a fun way to get outdoors while making a difference.

If you are interested in volunteering, or have any questions, contact Roxanna at gaia_maid@yahoo.comPlease include "Wilderness Stewards inquiry" in the subject line.