VTC #14 – Sluice Boxes State Park

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Photo by Meg Killen

Project: Sluice Boxes State Park

Landscape: Little Belt Mountains

Dates: October 4 - 6, 2019

Location: Sluice Boxes State Park
Project Work: Trail Maintenance
Camping: Frontcountry
Project Difficulty: Moderate
Volunteer Limit: 10
Volunteer Slots Available: 6
Meeting Time & Place: Friday, October 4 6:00 p.m. @ Sluice Boxes State Park



Project Description

MWA's Volunteer Trail Crew is headed to Sluice Boxes for our first ever trail maintenance project in a Montana State Park. Sluice Boxes is located along Belt Creek in the Little Belt Mountains. The park contains one trail that closely follows Belt Creek, winding through steep canyon walls and providing glimpses of old mines and railroads from yesteryear. The trail doesn't receive regular maintenance so our Volunteer Trail Crew will have plenty of work to do. We'll be installing crib walls, retreading sloughed sections of trail and brushing the corridor to improve travel conditions. Come join us as we put an exclamation mark on our trail season with a service adventure in the Little Belts!

About the Area

Sluice Boxes State Park contains "soaring cliffs and precipitous ledges marking the Belt Creek Canyon as it slices out of the Little Belt Mountains and winds toward the town of Belt. Remains of mines, a railroad, and historic cabins line Belt Creek as it makes its way through the beautiful canyon carved in limestone. This rugged area has seen its share of prospectors searching for precious metals, miners, muleskinners, smeltermen, and railroaders building bridges. The Barker mines and the Montana Central Railroad are just a part of the rich history of Sluice Boxes State Park." – stateparks.mt.gov.

Meeting Time & Place

Friday, October 4 6:00 p.m. @ Sluice Boxes State Park
Evans Riceville Road Entrance Parking Lot

Directions to Sluice Boxes from Great Falls:
Head East on US 87 South/US 89 South toward Belt
Continue on US 87 South/US 89 South past Belt for approx. two more miles
Turn Right onto US 89 South
Continue for aprox. 9 miles
Turn Right onto Evans Riceville Road

Camping Details

We will be frontcountry car camping within Sluice Boxes State Park. Our campground is located near Belt Creek and is accessed via a gated road. MWA staff will have a key to the gate. 

Project Difficulty

This will be a moderately difficult project. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about your ability to participate safely in this project.

*Note: project work is subject to change. Our tasks may become easier or more challenging. Your flexibility in the field is appreciated as we adapt to changing conditons. 

Food and Water

MWA will provide all food and cooking equipment. First meal provided will be breakfast Saturday morning. No dinner provided Friday night so please plan accordingly. Your last provided meal will be lunch fixings on Sunday.

Volunteers are expected to help with food preparation and clean up on a rotating basis, but your crew leader will handle primary kitchen responsibilities. We will be filtering drinking water for the week and everyone's help in keeping the cubies full will be appreciated (MWA provides group water filters).

More Information