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Yellowstone National Park - CDTC

For 2017, MWA is unable to complete project work in Yellowstone National Park, but! The Continental Dividie Trail Coalition, a CDT partner group, is working with YNP staff to host a project. See below for details and follow this link for sign-up information on the CDTC website. 

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Project Name: Summit Lake Trail - Yellowstone National Park 
Project Dates: September 12 - 14, 2017

Basic Project Description

This year CDTC is excited to be partnering with Yellowstone National Park to host a volunteer project on the Summit Lake Trail near the Mystic Falls Trailhead.  Work will include refurbishing erosion control structures, installing water bars and retainers, and potential installation of CDT reassurance markers and signs on the Summit Lake Trail from the Little Fire Hole River to the Madison Plateau. Volunteers will arrive on the 11th to set up camp, workdays will be the 12-14. For more information and to sign up, go to CDTC volunteer website. 

About the Area

Yellowstone is America's first National Park. Established in 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant, this park has a world famous reputation and draws millions of visitors every year. Geothermal features dot the landscape, with massive pools, surging geysers and hot springs eliciting wonder from all who've come to visit. Yellowstone is a sanctuary for some of America's most notorious mamals including wolves, grizzly bears, elk and bison. Its towering mountains, deep canyons, flowing rivers and dramatic waterfalls encapsulate much of what has become American's idea of wilderness.


As always, prepare for possibility of rain, snowstorms, high winds, cold weather and bugs. Unpredictable weather is to be expected – bring proper gear. It can snow in high elevations – even in August! If we do experience actual summerlike temperatures, be prepared for sun exposure. Bring hats, long sleeves, and sunscreen!

Here is a link to the weather forecast on However, don't be fooled; weather on the divide can be very different than predicted. Please be prepared for all kinds of conditions, regardless of the forecast. 

Travel Resources

Airports: In the summertime, Yellowstone National Park has five primary entrances, each serviced by a different airport. Consider your travel plans and shop around for the best rates. More information about each park entrance can be found here.

Car Rental: Check for car rental and shuttle services on the linked airport webpages above.

Pre/Post Camping: Yellowstone National Park, 307-344-7311

Pre/Post Lodging: Lodging is available in Yellowstone if reservations are made well in advance. Full amenities can also be found close to the park in West Yellowstone, MT, Gardiner, MT and Jackson Hole, WY


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