• Views from the Continental Divide Trail on the Montana and Idaho border near Monida Pass. Photo by Meg Killen

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Photo by Meg Killen

Volunteer Trail Stewardship Program

COLLABORATION: The Trail Unites Us

In 1978, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail was designated to provide high-quality, scenic, primitive hiking, horseback riding, and non-motorized recreational experiences and to conserve natural, historical and cultural resources along the divide. Snaking 3,100 miles from Canada to Mexico, the CDNST is only 78 percent complete. The largest unfinished section is the Montana and Idaho section, at only 58 percent complete!

With dedicated volunteers and agency partners, Montana Wilderness Association is working to complete the CDNST, and we need YOUR help to get the job done. Please check out the volunteer opportunities we have each summer, or make a contribution to support our volunteers in the field. Together, we can complete the CDT! 

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Registration open to MWA members only until May 1, 2017.