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About the Eastern Wildlands Chapter

Buttes, breaks, badlands. Deserts, forests, waterways. From the Beartooths to the Terry Badlands, and north to the Sweetgrass Hills and the Sand Arroyo, the Eastern Wildlands Chapter gets into the field to hike these wild places and record their wild character, and we host events and speak up at public meetings to keep eastern Montana wild.


Residents from Terry - ages 5 to 80 - on a Wilderness Walk into their backyard wildlands, the Terry Badlands (photo by Karen Stevenson)

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How We Keep Montana Wild

Keeping an Eye on the Pryors
Just outside of Billings, but a world away, the Pryors include tremendously diverse landscapes ranging from desert to subalpine meadows, sagebrush, thick Douglas Fir forests, and riparian areas. Here you'll see big skies and big views. Every year, our dedicated members lead wilderness walks and coordinate stewardship projects like weed pulls. Check out the Pryors Coalition's new 20 minute video The Pryor Mountains: Crow Sacred Lands, which we supported.

Visit Southeast Montana
Too many speed past Southeast Montana on the Interstate, never stopping to view the incredible historic, natural, and cultural sites just beyond. Together with businesses, Visit Montana, and the Bureau of Land Management, our Southeast Montana Geotourism Map is changing that. Get your map and start exploring!

Chapter Newsletters

Winter 2018

Chapter Leadership

President: Bernie Quechtenbach
Vice President: Bob Pumphrey
Secretary: Bethany Schatzke
Treasurer: Terri Hogan
At-Large Board Members: Theresa Keaveny, Susan Gilbertz, Larry Winslow, Jeff Hunnes, Rita Harding, Ross Waples, and Anna Paige

Contact Us

Email: mwaewc@wildmontana.org