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Photo by Jeff Van Tine

The Montana Wilderness Association's local chapters are the heart of the organization and provide centers for volunteer members and like-minded people to meet, lead and learn from each other. The chapters work with staff field organizers and participate on the State Council through representatives and presidents.

Eastern Wildlands Chapter

Chapter President: Bernie Quetchenbach
Chapter area: Eastern Montana, including the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Pryor Mountains, Big Snowy Mountains, Terry Badlands, and Tongue River Breaks
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Flathead-Kootenai Chapter

Chapter President: Terry Meyers
Chapter area: Northwest Montana, including the Bob Marshall and Mission Mountain Wildernesses, Scotchman Peaks, Whitefish Range, Tuchuck, Mt. Hefty, Thompson Seton, Ten Lakes, Jewel Basin, and the Wild Swan Range
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Island Range Chapter

Chapter President: Len Kopec
Chapter area: Central Montana, including the Rocky Mountain Front, Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, CM Russell Wildlife Refuge, the Big Snowy Wilderness Study Area, and the Little Belt Mountains
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Madison-Gallatin Chapter

Chapter President: Roger Jenkins
Chapter area: the Greater Yellowstone Region, centered on the Gallatin and Madison Ranges, extending into the Crazy Mountains, Bridger Range, Absaroka Range, and Beartooth Plateau
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Wild Divide Chapter

Chapter President: Bill Hallinan
Chapter area: Continental Divide, including all of Lewis and Clark County, plus those portions of the Helena National Forest in Jefferson, Broadwater and Powell Counties
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Shining Mountains

Chapter President: Daphne Herling
Chapter area: Central western Montana, including the Welcome Creek, Selway-Bitterroot, Rattlesnake, Mission Mountains, Anaconda-Pintler and Bob Marshall Wildernesses;
Blue Joint, Sapphire Mountains and West Pioneers Wilderness Study Areas; and Great Burn (Hoodoo), Quigg, Dolus Lakes, Monture Creek, Swan Front, West Fork Clearwater, Stony Mountain, South Fork Lolo Creek, and Storm Lake Roadless areas
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